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Family and Children

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The decision to record history with family photography is a powerful and beautiful way to cherish the present and remember the past.

A photograph is a timeless asset that grows in meaning and value as time passes by.

As days roll into years, and the years roll into decades a family changes.

They grow with the additions of new members, they change with the passage of time, and sometimes say goodbye to much loved faces.

A family photograph is more than just a picture, it is a space in the family timeline, a document of family life year after year.

Without reminders, our basic humanity forgets the past, we can forget the small things, and it is the small things that matter most a lot of the time.

All that we forget can be permanently lost if we do not plan a way to remember them and a family photograph is a memory made.

Family Photography And The Passage Of Time

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, an occasion that brings an entire family together is a rare treat.

The decision to have a family photography session brings discussion and quality time together.

A part of the discussion is of course, which photographer to choose and a location that is suitable for the family.

A time of day needs to be decided as light and shadow shape the ambience of the photograph.

There even needs to be a family discussion on what each person will wear and what sort of shoes will be suitable.

A photograph on a rocky beach is not always the best place for high heels or strollers for babies.

All of this conversation builds into the memory of the family photograph and the history of the family as a group.

This time together is an inherent value in the decision to have family photographs taken.

Stunning family photos that will stay in a family for generations is a gift to the current members of the family and an extraordinary asset to the family members as yet unborn.

There is no greater gift than for a grandchild to know the face of a grandparent they never met, or a brother they can’t remember.

A family portrait is an invaluable portal that joins the present to the past and that is not only timeless, but is absolutely priceless.

A true family portrait is when the family has spent real time together to get the photograph that will carry them into the future .

True family portrait photography is timeless, tactile and can carry the weight of the generations present, and the generations to come.

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Click here to view the Family and Children Portfolio